“It’s so perfect for getting into and out of togs. No bits exposed!” – Jane R
“They look fab and better priced than the DryRobe never mind the high price of the mocking that’s normally associated with wearing same!” – Clodagh
“Thank you so much for my gorgeous robe. We are off to CentreParcs this weekend so it’s perfect timing” – Sinead
“Used mine in Portmarnock and it was much admired” – Fiona
“Delighted to support an Irish small business and if it keeps me decent at the pool while I mind my three small boys even better!” – Aoife Mc
“I am buying this one for a friend’s birthday present. I am loving mine! Thank you” – Tamsin
“Well done on making such a beautiful robe and if it gets me into the sea, it’s also a miracle worker!” – Jane
“Found your robes on Instagram and thought it was such a clever business idea with the country falling in love with sea swimming (wish I’d thought of it!)” – Louise
“The DeeRobes look fab. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one!” – Emma
“I saw my friend wear one and thought they were fab. Nice presents for my swimming pals” – Sonja
“Thank you for sending the towel robe. I got it and loved it, it’s so soft!” – Jill
“The one my friend bought for me is well admired in Malahide” – Caroline
“Delighted to support an Irish sustainably made product and can’t wait to try it” – Louise
“I got it this morning and I’ve already used it today – just love it!” – Ciara
“We were swimming in Cork over the weekend and my mum was very jealous of me getting dressed so gracefully – so I’m buying her one!” – Jane
“Many thanks for your quick response. By the way the robes are fab. I received mine as a birthday present and love it!” – Imelda
“I just received my gorgeous DeeRobe. It’s so soft. Delighted with it and can’t wait to use it. Fantastic design” – Suzanne
“My friend absolutely adored the robe and how glam it is. Thanks so much – such a wonderful gift” – Vanessa
“I’m loving my DeeRobe. I used it lots in Achill last week – it’s my new favourite thing – Aoife
“Bought it as a gift and my friend really loved it. The packaging was so lovely” – Ciara S
“Such beautiful towelling material and an incredibly useful and versatile design. Such high-quality finish too!” – Aine
“Thanks so much. The robes are beautiful. Can’t wait for my friend to have this as a present as she swims in the sea all the time” – Vanessa
“Bought one after seeing on Instagram and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous quality – highly recommend” – Emma
“It got me into the sea! I knew by buying it I had to put it to work. It should be called the Deemiraclerobe 😊” – Jane R
“The DeeRobe is a winner and really enhances the post-swim experience. So soft, snug and really convenient for getting dressed! Love mine!” – Aoife